About Wyatt & Nellie Roo

Is having a pet friendly hair salon a new trend? At JC’s Funky’s Hair Ranch, Nellie Roo is a part of the staff. Nellie Roo is a three year old dog. They think she is Chihuahua and some kind of Terrier like a Russian Toy Terrier, but she might have Yorkie instead. She has been a part of JC’s Funky Hair Ranch Salon family since she was 6 weeks old. When they received Nellie she had not been very well taken care of, had been underfed and had worms. Since she was so frail and they didn’t want to leave her at home alone so the owners brought her to the salon where she was embraced by the clients. She loves the clients to come in to the salon to play and be loved on. According to the JC Funky Hair Ranch website, “You can work out your pitching arm or just snuggle with her while you hair gets some wonderful color enhancements.”

Since JC’s Funky Hair Ranch loves dogs so much they have added an addition to their pet family with the arrival of Wyatt Fitzpatrick, a.k.a. WyFi. He is a 17 week old Chaweenie who was found and on the side of the road and brought to PetsMart. Karla, the owner’s wife, was at PetSmart and Wyatt leaped into Karla’s arms and he is now a valuable member of JC’s Funky Hair Ranch just like Nellie Roo.

From Mom and Pop stores, mid- level companies, to big box, many establishments are taking note that their customers want to bring along the family pet whether it’s for a quick errand, eating or a long vacation. A growing number of corporations such as Google, Etsy, and Amazon allow their employees to bring their dogs to work, some corporations are so pet friendly that they have created dog parks and provide doggie treats at the reception desk.

According to recent studies the Millennials want their pets with them as they consider these animals as a big part of their lives. Pet ownership in the USA has tripled since the 1970s and today 68% of households own a pet. Millennials are known for their love of pets and for , and this includes seeking out pet friendly businesses. With such numbers, why would any business not allow pets? Those establishments, like JC Funky’s Hair Ranch, that allow pets create very loyal customers.

Social Compassion in Legislation is an organization that sponsors and supports legislation that promotes the care, rights and protection of animals. While they are aware and are pleased with the growing trend of animals in the workplace they realize there is more to do. The organizations founder and President, Judie Mancusco helped draft a bill, Dining with Dogs, which recently passed both the Assembly and State Senate in New York City. “The bill allows restaurants that have outdoor areas to open them up to their patron’s dogs if they so choose to. It does not mandate it; it makes it legal if the restaurant wants to. Regarding public health standards, the law allows specific guidelines for restaurants to follow to ensure health and safety codes. This legislation will help prevent life threatening situations for dogs since owners will no longer need to tie them up where they can be injured or stolen, or left in a hot car.

Moreover, studies have shown that having animals in the workplace can make workers more productive, while lowering stress levels. JC Mahan is the salon owner at JC’s Funky Hair Ranch and has been a hair stylist for many years. JC loves pets, doing hair and making people happy and feel confident with their hairstyles. As a National Educator for Paul Mitchell Products for twenty years, he is a big believer in continuing education. JC is the only hair stylist in Oklahoma to receive the honor of being named a Master Associate by Paul Mitchell Education. JC’s Funky Hair Ranch also works to educate each client on proper home hair care and styling techniques.

JC’s Funky Hair Ranch it is not your regular salon. With its rustic wood paneled building that is filled with Cowboy-Funk decor; Funky Hair Ranch is an expression of JC’s Feng Shui. JC’s Funky Hair Ranch is best known for its amicability in their service and urge to teach about hair styling to their clients. Their large base of clientele just goes to prove their motto: Change is good. Change is my Friend. At JC’s Funky Hair Ranch, we want you to feel special, provide quality hair services and let you lower your stress levels. So, come give your hair a treat, lower your blood pressure and relax with Nellie Roo and WyFi.