Highlights of Massad & Dean “Hittin the Wall” Tour are Now Available

Highlight Videos from the Concert (August 13, 2017)

Come enjoy Massad & Dean outside concert on Sunday, August 13 at 5pm to 9:30pm CDT. Enjoy great food, great friends, and great music. JC and the funky hair ladies always make wonderful food and know how to throw a party. Can’t wait to see you there.

Is Box Coloring Your Hair Bad For You?

Platinum blonde by Erika HendersonIs box color bad for you? Box color is much cheaper and it takes less time? Do the cons of box color outweigh the price of professional color? At JC’s Funky Hair Ranch we believe box color is bad for your hair and our main goal is for you to leave our salon looking and feeling great! So, here are the reasons we believe you should NEVER use box color.

1. Unfavorable, Unpredictable, Unreliable Results

How many times have you bought the box color and once you are done you realize your hair doesn’t look anything like what is on the box?  The celebrities and models on the box get paid to endorse their products but they actually spend hundreds of dollars at a professional stylist to get their hair to look that beautiful! Professional hair stylists attend cosmetology school to lean about colors and their levels.

2. Not a One Size Fits All Solution

Box color offers a “one size fits all” solution by potentially altering a wide range of hair types and shapes with no guarantee. It is formulated to work on everyone and anyone by adding in the maximum amount of pigment and ammonia which is horrible for your hair. However, in order to successfully achieve the color you want several factors must be considered from hair type, hair condition and hair color.  At JC’s Funky Hair Ranch we will customize your color by weighing all factors in order for you to achieve the look you want and will look great!

3. Unprofessional Application

Many times when you apply the hair color on yourself your roots and ends are different colors due to color banding. This is where the color overlaps and creates banding/darker spots and results in an uneven and not so pretty look. It is also very damaging to your hair.

In order for hair to look and be healthy it must be applied accurately from the regrowth to the line of demarcation which is where the new growth and the relaxed hair meet.

4. You Are Damaging Your Hair

Many times after using the box color your hair will feel like straw, it will be difficult to style or the frizzing is unmanageable. With professional services and professional products at JC’s Funky Hair Ranch, your hair will feel better than is has in years if not ever.

5. It’s really not cheaper in the long run!

In most cases the outcome from a box is not what you wanted or expected. You decide to purchase another box to maybe fix the problem.  Now that your hair is over-processed and you still do not like the results, you contact a professional stylist only to spend a couple of hundred dollars repairing and correcting the problem. So that $10 box cost way more than $10 in the long run.

Come visit us today at JC’s Funky Hair Ranch where we will listen to your concerns and find a solution that will provide you with a great looking hair color just like you were expecting.

JC’s Funky Hair Ranch Can Handle All Your Hair Needs

By Marina I. Jokic

Adorned with rustic wood paneling and vintage cowboy décor, JC’s Funky Hair Ranch has a one-of-a-kind vibe and doesn’t look like your typical hair salon. Feng shui is very important to the salon’s owner JC Mahan. His clientele primarily comes from Edmond, Oklahoma City, and Norman, and some travel even longer distances to get to their haircut.

JCs Funky Hair Ranch Staff
The staff at JC’s is carefully vetted for their skills and expertise. Mahan himself is a Master Associate with Paul Mitchell Hair Care and shares his know-how with his colleagues every day. Cutting-edge styles, techniques, and products in addition to highly skilled stylists make for a memorable and rewarding salon experience.

JC’s is the fourth salon Mahan has owned in Edmond and is indicative of the extent of his experience. He opened his first, The Master’s Touch, in order to work with stylists who were eager to learn and grow. Education is an essential aspect of being a successful hairstylist.

“Ever since beauty school, I have enjoyed attending educational classes and shows,” Mahan said. Thanks to the tutelage of his mentors throughout the years, John T., Susan Snealson, and Connie Wolf to name a few, Mahan was soon working for Redken, Peter Hanns, Wella, and other major salon product companies.

In 1986, Mahan started traveling the U.S. as a Paul Mitchell Educator. He did thatfor 20 years doing hair shows, classes, and training. As a hair show artist from Oklahoma, Mahan was an outlier in most of the circles he was traveling.

“Being a hair show artist from Oklahoma, many stylists from California, New York, and Florida wondered what I was going to show them,” he said.

Mahan quips that he started calling his shows hair rodeos and referred to his salon as the funky hair ranch back in Oklahoma. While still doing his traveling gigs, he was inspired to create a cohesive brand and message for his audience, and eventually formulated the idea for the Funky Hair Ranch.

“We have mottos like ‘if it isn’t fun, don’t do it’ and ‘change is good, change is my friend’,” Mahan said. “We use those mottos to make the most of and celebrate each day, and to accept change.’ Hair styling is an art form, and we love our hair art.”

JCs Funky Hair Ranch Event

Even though Mahan’s primary profession is hair styling he also immerses himself in various other art like poetry, pottery, paint, and photography. The salon sometimes features a showcase of its own artwork as well as other pieces that have been collected throughout the years. Hosting art shows with local artists, concerts, wine tastings and fundraises are just some of the various activities that JC’s puts on.

“We also have puppies. Nellie Roo and Wyatt Fitzpatrick are our in-house therapy puppies,” Mahan said. Around Christmas time, JC’s organizes a Change for Kids drive to help out local families. You might also hear the familiar sounds of a couple of well-known Oklahoma musicians singing on the front porch of the salon.

Professional Wedding Hairstylists are Here to Make You Look Your Best

Be it an updo, a half-updo, braids, waves, bridal buns or a celebrity-inspired hairstyle, every bride wants to find the perfect hairstyle for her wedding day. At JC’s Funky Hair Ranch we will evaluate your current hair style and work with you to come up with a few styles that will complement your face and hair type. Whether you have long, medium or short hair, we will make you look your best on your wedding day. Our professional wedding hair stylists will make sure that the style you select will truly make you feel and look the way a beautiful bride should on her special day.

Have you seen a style in a magazine or have an exact style in mind? Or maybe you are unsure about the new styles of 2017 and what would look good on your wedding day. Our professional wedding hair stylists can help you choose an amazing hair style that will make you look and feel beautiful. Whether you’re the bride, a maid of honor, or just a guest, together we can come up with the ideal hairstyle for you at the right price. JCs Funky Hair Ranch is your premiere hair salon to meet your wedding day look.

For many years, we have helped hundreds of brides, their mothers, bridesmaids and guests feel amazing on the wedding day so experience in this category for us is not a problem. Our experienced and knowledgeable stylists will ensure that you will be completely satisfied with the final outcome. With a professional wedding hairstyle, you will feel completely confident and beautiful on your wedding day.

To ensure we can make your wedding hairstyle come to life on time, be sure to schedule your appointment well in advance. Give us a call as soon as you’re ready to feel beautiful at 405-340-4140 to schedule your appointment of a lifetime. You will not be disappointed with the outcome.

Balayage Hair Technique Explained

Rose gold and red balayage by Erika Henderson

Rose gold and red balayage by Erika Henderson

Balayage a hair techinique that has been around for a while is coming back around and is one of the more popular hair color requests found in hair salons today. Models and A-listers are wearing it and we are seeing Balayage on the red carpets and catwalks.  At JC’s Funky Hair Ranch, we specialize in Balayage.

Balayage comes to us from France and means to sweep or paint. This type of treatment allows the hair to receive a natural look like you had when you were a kid. It provides a softer, natural look with less noticeable regrowth lines. At JC’s Funky Hair Ranch we apply Balayage without foil or meche and what is known as a free hand technique. By not using foil or meche we decrease the streak of color in the hair allowing the hair to look soft. The Balayage is applied on the surface of the hair to the very tips of the hair but isn’t saturated through the section.

Balayage doesn’t require much maintenance since the growth appears more natural and you don’t get a regrowth line; which allows the client to wear it longer before the next appointment. You use the same shampoo and conditioner to protect the color. When styling you would use the same treatments and heat protection as you would with any other color treatment.

Balayage works on dark and light hair color and works on almost all lengths of hair and it creates a gorgeous natural finish. We do not recommend Balayage for short cropped hair. At JC’s Funky Hair Ranch we will work with you to create the perfect color choice. Whether you want to try out a cool, warm or neutral color; we will work to create the perfect combination that will bring out the best.

This timeless look is low maintenance, appears more natural and is a trendy and modern technique that is very flattering. At JC’s Funky Hair Salon our expert stylists will be able to help you find the best color that matches your skin tone and will truly magnify your beautiful personality. Whether you are looking for expensive, natural, polished, glossy or strong, Balayage is a great technique that will allow you to get the look you want!

Massad & Dean “Hittin’ the Wall Tour” – A Funky Ranch Concert

Massad & DeanMassad & Dean on their “Hittin’ the Wall Tour” will be performing on Saturday, February 25th at 7pm to 10pm (CST). JC’s Funky Hair Ranch will be hosting a musical concert for anyone and everyone in the area. For details, please visit our Facebook Event sites. We look forward to seeing you there!




Pottery, Handmade Soaps and Art – Holiday Open House at JC’s Funky Hair Ranch!

On December 10, 2016 JC’s Funky Hair Ranch will be hosting a holiday OPEN HOUSE! We will have some local artists, such as Robin Hurley, who will be featuring pottery and Bugs & Hisses with their handmade soaps. Art, poetry, food and drinks! Bring your friends!

Open house featuring handmade soaps, pottery, poetry, art and drinks.

Welcome to JC’s Funky Hair Ranch of Edmond, OK

Be sure to check out our introductory video on JC’s Funky Hair Ranch! We look forward to serving you for all your hair care needs.

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Not Your Average Hair Salon

JC’s Funky Hair Ranch Salon located in Edmond, Oklahoma is not your average hair salon that is filled with eclectic artistic decor; Funky Hair Ranch is an expression of the owner’s, JC Mahan, Feng Shui.

JC Mahan is the salon owner at JC’s Funky Hair Ranch Salon with over thirty years as a hair stylists. JC loves styling hair, making people happy and helping them feel confident with their hairstyles. JC has been a National Educator for Paul Mitchell Products for twenty years, he is a huge proponent in continuing education. JC has been named a Master Associate by Paul Mitchell Education, the only one to receive this honor in Oklahoma, and is certified by Paul Mitchell to teach the many different aspects of styling.

JC’s love for the arts and creativity comes through in his clients hair styles. He likes his clients to have a natural look that also incorporates their creative and fun side. While JC’s first love is hair; through hair is where he discovered his creative side and has since found a love for writing, poetry, artistry and sculpting. As we are officially experiencing the fall season with pumpkin spice everywhere and the beautiful leaves changing colors you can experience fall even more by reading an excerpt from a poem JC wrote called It Is Autumn:

  • You are beautiful as you are.
  • Wonderful in your making.
  • Incredible in your presence.
  • Everyone has been waiting for you to bloom.
  • It is Autumn.
  • Forget about the past.
  • Spring is gone.
  • Forget about control or fear or failure.
  • It is Autumn.
  • It is all the time you have.; Enjoy it.

If you are looking for a new, creative fall look then look no further than JC’s Funky Hair Ranch Salon. JC’s Funky Hair Ranch Salon is best known for its service and creative approach to cutting, coloring and styling your hair. At JC’s Funky Hair Ranch Salon you will enjoy viewing various forms of art and experience a fun and creative salon that is much different than your average hair salon which services the areas of Edmond, Oklahoma City and Norman, Oklahoma.