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Is Box Coloring Your Hair Bad For You?

Platinum blonde by Erika HendersonIs box color bad for you? Box color is much cheaper and it takes less time? Do the cons of box color outweigh the price of professional color? At JC’s Funky Hair Ranch we believe box color is bad for your hair and our main goal is for you to leave our salon looking and feeling great! So, here are the reasons we believe you should NEVER use box color.

1. Unfavorable, Unpredictable, Unreliable Results

How many times have you bought the box color and once you are done you realize your hair doesn’t look anything like what is on the box?  The celebrities and models on the box get paid to endorse their products but they actually spend hundreds of dollars at a professional stylist to get their hair to look that beautiful! Professional hair stylists attend cosmetology school to lean about colors and their levels.

2. Not a One Size Fits All Solution

Box color offers a “one size fits all” solution by potentially altering a wide range of hair types and shapes with no guarantee. It is formulated to work on everyone and anyone by adding in the maximum amount of pigment and ammonia which is horrible for your hair. However, in order to successfully achieve the color you want several factors must be considered from hair type, hair condition and hair color.  At JC’s Funky Hair Ranch we will customize your color by weighing all factors in order for you to achieve the look you want and will look great!

3. Unprofessional Application

Many times when you apply the hair color on yourself your roots and ends are different colors due to color banding. This is where the color overlaps and creates banding/darker spots and results in an uneven and not so pretty look. It is also very damaging to your hair.

In order for hair to look and be healthy it must be applied accurately from the regrowth to the line of demarcation which is where the new growth and the relaxed hair meet.

4. You Are Damaging Your Hair

Many times after using the box color your hair will feel like straw, it will be difficult to style or the frizzing is unmanageable. With professional services and professional products at JC’s Funky Hair Ranch, your hair will feel better than is has in years if not ever.

5. It’s really not cheaper in the long run!

In most cases the outcome from a box is not what you wanted or expected. You decide to purchase another box to maybe fix the problem.  Now that your hair is over-processed and you still do not like the results, you contact a professional stylist only to spend a couple of hundred dollars repairing and correcting the problem. So that $10 box cost way more than $10 in the long run.

Come visit us today at JC’s Funky Hair Ranch where we will listen to your concerns and find a solution that will provide you with a great looking hair color just like you were expecting.