JC’s Funky Hair Ranch Can Handle All Your Hair Needs

19 April 2017 | by admin | Comment 0 | Categoty :

By Marina I. Jokic Adorned with rustic wood paneling and vintage cowboy décor, JC’s Funky Hair Ranch has a one-of-a-kind vibe and doesn’t look like your typical hair salon. Feng shui is very important to the salon’s owner JC Mahan….

Balayage Hair Technique Explained

04 March 2017 | by admin | Comment 0 | Categoty :

Balayage a hair techinique that has been around for a while is coming back around and is one of the more popular hair color requests found in hair salons today. Models and A-listers are wearing it and we are seeing…

Not Your Average Hair Salon

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JC’s Funky Hair Ranch Salon located in Edmond, Oklahoma is not your average hair salon that is filled with eclectic artistic decor; Funky Hair Ranch is an expression of the owner’s, JC Mahan, Feng Shui. JC Mahan is the salon…